The body is a very cool machine, it responds to about any stimulus it receives. If it is sitting on a couch the muscles (including the heart) weaken or atrophy. If you run a marathon, the muscles grow stronger and hypertrophy. Traihard4life (T4l) finds the stimulus that is going to affect your body and fitness to best benefit you. T4l applies that stimulus or workout to get the most out of your body to achieve athletes' top training and fitness goals. All of this while working around your time and expectations.

T4l provides you the essential tools to perform your best; from training strategies to racing techniques. T4l wants you to succeed and be your best. T4l takes pride in helping you achieve your goals and is committed to your satisfaction.

Education and Practical Experience:

A good athlete does not necessarily make a good coach, and a good coach is not necessarily a good athlete. However, being an accomplished athlete gives insight into what other athletes experience in sport, training, and competition. Education, knowledge and expertise fill in the gaps and teach physiology and training response. Education and practical experience is a winning combination; real world knowledge plus real world experience.

Custom Coaching Built Around Your Life and Goals:

- Assessment of goals and fitness
- Establish and evaluate goals
- Build a custom program to achieve goals
- Implementation of program
- Test, Evaluate, and Revise

Experience:  3 years of Endurance Coaching, 3 years Coaching Soccer, 12 years of personal training, 11 years of Road Racing, 5 years of Mountain Bike racing, professional cyclist Competitive Cyclist Racing Team
Education:  Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota, 3 months directed study at the University of Minnesota on Anaerobic Threshold and VO2max,  Certified through the American College of Sports Medicine for 10 years
System:  At Trainhard4life we use TrainingPeaks software, an online system to facilitate athlete and coach communication; to assess, track, and plan your workouts to get you results faster.  Every athlete who uses Trainhard4life will automatically be upgraded to a Premium account on TrainingPeaks to better serve the client.
Athlete:  It is all about you.  All programs start with an evaluation and setting of goals (free of charge), only then is an individual program tailored for you based on your time, level of experience, sport, and goals. 

Not everyone is a pro athlete, nor should everyone be trained like a pro athlete.  Let trainhard4life and your body decide time and intensity. Training does not have to be complicated to work, it just needs to work for you.  Let Trainhard4life fit training into your life.

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